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Engagement rings

Engagement rings

Every engagement ring carries a unique story.
That's why Gemmyo prides itself on making its jewelry custom-made
and handcrafted in France, with an emphasis on sustainable production.

So that every piece of Gemmyo jewelry rhymes with your story.

The Gemmyo diamond

The world of Gemmyo diamonds is paved with unique radiance.

Our selection criterias are multi-faceted.
We offer three of the best qualities: HSI, GVS, DIF.

Beyond color and purity, we are also demanding when it comes to brilliance, so that the diamonds adorn our creations with the most sparkling reflections.

All our diamonds over 0.3 carat are accompanied by a certificate issued by the GIA - Gemological Institute of America - or the HRD in Antwerp.

At Gemmyo, beauty is nothing without integrity.
Our diamonds come from the Kimberley Process.
This certification ensures transparency, traceability and ethical sourcing.





The carat is the unit of measurement for diamond weight. One carat (written "1.00 ct") is equivalent to 0.20 grams. Assessed to the nearest hundredth, the carat determines the diamond's price. The greater the caratage, the rarer and more valuable the diamond.

diamond image

The iconic models

From subtle to bold, discover our signature Gemmyo engagement rings.

Baby EverBloom Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Baby EverBloom

Rose gold, Diamond - 1 825 €

Lefkos 4 mm Pavée White Gold Diamond Ring

Lefkos 4 mm Pavée

White gold, Diamond - 3 370 €

Rétromantique S Pavée Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Rétromantique S Pavée

Yellow gold, Diamond - 2 115 €

Little Lady Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Little Lady

Yellow gold, Diamond - 2 835 €

Art Déco Rond 4 mm Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Art Déco Rond 4 mm

Rose gold, Diamond - 2 615 €

Baby Lady Duo Ovale Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Baby Lady Duo Ovale

Rose gold, Diamond - 2 485 €

Select by budget

Whatever the value, our creations are all designed to be the most beautiful token of your love.

Engagement rings

under 2000 €

Engagement rings

2000 € - 5500 €

Engagement rings

over 5500 €

Engagement rings

At Gemmyo, our commitment to quality, French craftsmanship and excellence is paramount.
This uncompromising commitment holds true whatever the jewel you choose.

Clearly, the quest for the perfect piece of jewelry goes beyond the simple question of price.

Nevertheless, the Maison leaves everyone free to fully personalize their engagement ring, from the metal to the stone, by playing with the qualities and weight of the center gem, ensuring that everyone has complete control over their budget.

The final decision is yours, and can be fine-tuned in-store with one of our Gemmyo advisors, who will be happy to help you find the perfect jewel.


From reinterpreted classics to the most audacious designs, Gemmyo engagement rings stand out for their modernity.

  • Solitaires
  • Pavé solitaires
  • Halo solitaires
  • Three-stone solitaires
  • Unique rings

Stone shapes

Each stone is the expression of a personality. For this reason, the Maison offers a choice of different stone shapes

  • Round Brillant Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Cushion Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Emerald Cut

A favourite among engagement rings, the round brilliant is illuminated by 57 facets of light. It is the most common and well-known cut. Its faceting enhances most stones, but especially diamonds that have the highest refractive index. The pavé stones with a smaller diameter benefit from this cut, as it enhances their brilliance.

colored stones

Green sapphire, chocolate diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire...
the Maison is proud to present a rainbow of rare and precious stones, usually reserved for connoisseurs.

  • sapphire
  • aquamarine
  • green sapphire
  • emerald
  • chocolate diamond
  • tanzanite
  • ruby


All the tips and practical details you need for an in-depth understanding of the world of jewelry.


The wedding band can affect your choice of engagement ring.
Do you want a simple straight wedding band, a curved one, or perhaps a stacked one?

Gemmyo designs wedding bands and engagement rings to match perfectly.

Discover our wedding bands to match your engagement ring.

No decision is irreversible

Choosing an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever make, and it's natural to be afraid of making a mistake.

That's why we've put together our valuable advice in our how to pick an engagement ring guide to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.
Don't hesitate to consult our guide, you will find all the answers to your questions.

Also, if in doubt, you can always come back to your choice thanks to our Gemmyo guarantees which ensure you:

Free return or exchange

Despite the care you take in choosing your ring, there is always a risk that you will not like it. However, our ambition is for you to be proud and happy with your Gemmyo jewel. That is why we offer you a free return or exchange despite custom manufacturing and the fact that we are not legally bound to do so.
Learn more

Free resizing

If you are not sure which size you should choose, don't worry, we offer you the possibility to make a mistake with a free resizing.
Learn more

And the best guarantee of all is the praise we receive from our customers every day, some of which you will find on the Internet.