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Entaille is first and foremost material work.

It is sculpted to reveal a motif of chiseled edges, like a series of indents in gold.

Available in three sizes, Entaille is a unisex piece, created for stacking.

Entaille rings

Bague Entaille S or blanc

Entaille S

White gold - 650 €

Bague Entaille M or rose

Entaille M

Rose gold - 890 €

Bague Entaille L or jaune

Entaille L

Yellow gold - 1 050 €

Bague Entaille S or rose

Entaille S

Rose gold - 650 €

Bague Entaille M or jaune

Entaille M

Yellow gold - 890 €

Bague Entaille L or blanc

Entaille L

White gold - 1 050 €

Bague Entaille S or jaune

Entaille S

Yellow gold - 650 €

Bague Entaille M or blanc

Entaille M

White gold - 890 €

Bague Entaille L or rose

Entaille L

Rose gold - 1 050 €

Collection Entaille
Collection Entaille

 Entaille is a minimalist piece of jewelry that welcomes stacking: I like playing with its motif and pairing it with other rings. Pénélope, Paris 1901 S or MET: each combination has its own style. The possibilities are infinite! 

Pauline Laigneau - Founder


“ Entaille was born of a desire to offer a piece of jewelry different from our usual creations.

I wanted to create a unisex piece of jewelry, in full metal but with a bold motif. I wanted to highlight the material work while creating a comfortable piece for daily wear.

I was imagining graphic lines, minimalist but nonetheless remarkable.

After months of work, Entaille’s design has kept its promise: the gold slits capture the light and reveal a second skin piece of jewelry, easy to mix and stack. ”

Marine Gironde-Vergnaud

Head of creation


Entaille’s signature is its motif alternating metal lines and polished facets.

It is the result of meticulous work to obtain a harmonious creation: each gold slit is sculpted, each edge chiseled, each facet delicately polished to reflect the light.