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Watches - Services and guarantees

Free returns

It’s important for us that you can buy your watch remotely with peace of mind. You should only experience pleasure and positive emotions while you’re choosing and ordering your dream model. But no worries, if everything isn’t perfect, we offer the possibility to exchange or return your watch for a refund within 30 days after reception.

Exchanges and returns

Definite return

You aren’t satisfied with your watch and wish to return it for a refund.


You aren’t satisfied with the color of the dial’s steel or the bracelet you received and wish to exchange it for a different combination. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

Return conditions

All watches in the European Union (including DOM-TOM) and in Switzerland benefit from a 30 day return guarantee under the following conditions:

  • The watch is in perfect condition and hasn’t been worn
  • The box set is complete with the watch in its box, the authenticity card and the extra links (in the case of a watch with a Steel bracelet). The return or exchange of the bracelet alone is not possible if a whole watch was ordered
  • The protection at the back of the box is still in perfect condition and haven’t been removed
  • The watch has been sent back within 30 days after reception - postmarked

For watches delivered in the DOM-TOM, returns or exchanges are possible but will take more time to be processed and may require additional customs fees. We strongly recommend ordering the right combinations on the first try!

Our guarantees

Free of charge

The 30 day return is a completely free service! Gemmyo takes responsibility of the return fees for the following countries: Metropolitan France and DOM-TOM (Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélémy, Martinique, French Guyana, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon), Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


The parcel you return to us is automatically insured by Gemmyo, you do not need to obtain any additional insurance. Simply remember to keep the shipping slip that certifies you returned the watch.

Procedure to follow

To know what procedure you should follow to send your watch back to us, please contact on of our customer advisors, by phone at +33 1 42 46 90 89, or by email at

Resizing the steel bracelet

When a Steel or Rose steel watch is ordered, we offer to adjust it to match your wrist size.

To guarantee the perfect adjustment, we recommend you book a meeting in one of our boutiques. We can adapt the number of links in just a few minutes to make the bracelet as comfortable as it can be for you.

Knowing your wrist size

To order a watch with a Steel bracelet, we’ve provided a downloadable tool on our website that’ll allow you to measure your wrist size. Depending on the wrist size given in the order, we’ll adjust the number of links on your bracelet.

Please note : In order to make this adjustment, we use a theoretical equivalence. The perfect size is very personal, for example, you might prefer a looser watch or, on the contrary, a well-adjusted one. We recommend coming to see us in one of our boutiques to guarantee the ideal size.

The extra links (taken off your bracelet) will be sent in your box set. It is important to hold on to them in case your bracelet needs to be enlarged in the future. This alteration isn’t mandatory. You have the opportunity to choose “No adjustment” and your bracelet will be sent with all of its links and may require a subsequent adjustment.

Free of charge resizing

You made a mistake while measuring your wrist size? No worries, Gemmyo offers the possibility to resize your bracelet in any of our boutiques within a 30 day period. For this, simply book a meeting at one of our addresses. If you wish to enlarge your bracelet, don’t forget to bring the extra links included in the box set with your order.

You can’t come visit us? Please contact one of our client advisors by phone at +33 1 42 46 90 89 or by email at to find a solution.


Your Prima watch is under a 2 year guarantee in case of faults or hidden defects.

This guarantee does not cover:

  • the battery’s lifespan
  • your watch’s normal wear and tear (for example: scratches on the Steel, scratches on the glass, the alteration or patina of the Rose steel or leather)
  • damages linked to inappropriate use of the watch, potential shocks or lack of care

In case of failure or any other repair needs, your watch will go to our watchmakers to identify where the fault comes from. If it is an error on our part, the insurance against faults and hidden defects will apply and we’ll take care of reparations or exchanges, as well as sending the watch back to you. This guarantee cannot apply to watches that have undergone a battery change or any operation done in workshops outside of our Maison.

Changing the battery

Your watch is more than 3/4 years old and works irregularly or has stopped?
It’s most likely time to change the battery!
We recommend not to wait too long to avoid damaging the movement with the faulty battery.

To avoid affecting the waterproofing of your watch during the operation, we recommend making the change with our Maison. We will take care of it, control the movement and change its battery while reworking the waterproofing. This service takes 3 to 4 weeks.

In order to do this, simply book a meeting at one of our addresses.

You don’t have the opportunity to come visit us? Please contact one of our client advisors by phone at +33 1 42 46 90 89 or by email at

Secured delivery

  • Your package is insured up to the value of the watch
  • Your package will be delivered by Colissimo, a national carrier known for its reliability and used by many brands
  • You have the guarantee that your package will be delivered to you personally with a signature
  • The package is sent in complete confidentiality (no apparent mention of the brand and the product)

Free delivery

Delivery is completely free in France (including DOM TOM), in the European Union and in Switzerland. Outside of these countries, please contact our customer service at 01 42 46 90 89, who will be able to organize the delivery directly and inform you of the extra charge that will be billed to you. For any additional information, you can also contact our customer service by clicking HERE.

Order collection in our boutiques

For any order placed on our website or taken directly in one of our stores by our advisors, it is possible to come directly to withdraw your order in our stores. The withdrawal will be done by appointment only, from Tuesday to Friday.

For security reasons, your order will only be available in the boutique on the pick-up date agreed between you and our customer service, who will contact you to arrange an appointment. Any appointment agreed upon before 4:30 pm from Monday to Thursday will allow for a collection the next day in Paris or after 3 working days in Brussels, Geneva, Lyon, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence and Toulouse.

Courier deliveries are possible Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, within Paris proper and close suburbs (meaning Aubervilliers, Bagnolet, Boulogne, Charenton, Clichy, Courbevoie, Gentilly, Issy Les Moulineaux, Ivry sur seine, Kremlin Bicêtre, Levallois, Les Lilas, Malakoff, Montreuil, Montrouge, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Saint-Mandé, Pantin, Pré-Saint-Gervais, Puteaux, Saint-Ouen, Vanves, Vincennes).

This delivery costs:

  • 20€ for Paris proper
  • 30€ for close suburbs

Courier deliveries are completely unmarked and only given in person for security reasons.

When you select this delivery method and your order is validated, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible by phone to decide on the date and time for your parcel’s arrival.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at +33 1 42 46 90 89 or by email at

Payment facilities

At Gemmyo, you have the opportunity to pay for your order by credit card in 3 settlements with no added fees. This payment facility is available for any purchase, and an unlimited amount.

Our credit card payment system is insured by Crédit Mutuel, and secured to SSL standards, the most reliable encrypting protocol and currently the most widespread in France. Your bank details will be directly encrypted and routed to the Crédit Mutuel/CIC bank without going through our website. No need to worry, Gemmyo does not store any of your bank information.

The first installment will be withdrawn as soon as your payment is validated. The other installments will automatically be debited from your bank account in the following two months. For example, the 1st third of an order made on June 1st will be withdrawn on June 1st, the 2nd third on July 1st and the 3rd and last third on August 1st.

When you choose to pay in 3 installments with no added fees, you will automatically be redirected to Crédit Mutuel payment portal. As soon as your payment is validated, your order is recorded. You’ll then receive an email confirming your order and payment… and you’ll only have to wait for your watch to arrive!

You wish to know more about the manufacturing secrets of the Prima watch? The story of our first watch model is revealed in our dedicated guide.