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Guarantees and repairs

Life guarantee

For any order, you benefit from a lifetime warranty against defects and hidden faults. All our jewels are manufactured in a traditional way, and in a concern of the biggest quality. Also, to prove our sincerity, we commit ourselves to repair your jewel in case of hidden defect or fault. In case of need of repair, we will have your jewel examined to know the origin of the defect. If it is a mistake on our part, the insurance against hidden defects and faults will apply and we will take care of the repair and return of your jewel. This guarantee does not apply to any jewel that has been resized or operated on in a workshop other than that of Gemmyo.

The repair or restoration of your jewel

In the event that your jewel requires a repair or restoration that is not due to a hidden defect or fault (a shock, a scratch, an out-of-round cut, a re-rhodium plating etc.), this will be invoiced according to the estimate prepared by our workshops. ), this one, if it is possible, will be invoiced according to an estimate established by our workshops. To have your jewel repaired, even several years after your purchase, you just have to contact us and we will tell you how to send us the jewel. Once we receive it, we will have it examined and we will make an estimate to establish the amount of the repairs. If you validate this estimate, our workshops will repair your jewel and it will be sent back to you as soon as possible.

An admitted fault to be half forgiven

If you have had an incident (dropping your jewel, knocking it against a door, playing sports while wearing it), we would prefer that you come to us in good faith rather than trying to invoke the warranty against hidden defects. As the saying goes: "a fault confessed is half forgiven" and we will be happy to find the best possible arrangement to restore your jewel if you have informed us in all transparency where the problem came from. This may save you from waiting for the results of our specialists!