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French and Swiss craftmanship

Gemmyo jewels are all handcrafted in France, a rare feat for even the best-known jewelry brands.

Watches are made in a factory located in the heart of the Swiss Jura, the cradle of watchmaking.

Our jewelry workshops are certified by one, several or all of the following labels: "Responsible Jewellery Council", "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", "Joaillerie de France".

Our watches are certified "Swiss Made" by our Jura factory.

Precious Stones

Precious Stones

The mastery of gemstones is one of the Maison's prides.

Tsavorite, Teal sapphire, gray Spinel... In addition to classic gemstones, we offer a selection of rare and unusual stones, usually reserved for high jewelry.

These stones are carefully selected to delight our eyes and stand the test of time.

Our colored stones are AAA quality, which means excellent brilliance, cut and color.

We offer a choice of diamond qualities: DIF, GVS or HSI minimum. All are certified by the independent GIA (American) or HRD (Antwerp) laboratories as soon as they exceed 0.3 ct.

Retromilano collection

Two-step quality checks

No random quality checks at Gemmyo: each and every piece is subject to two checks - one by the Gemmyo workshop, the other by the company's team of specialists just before the item is placed in its case. This is part of our promise to deliver immaculate products.

Ring Baby EverBloom 6 mm green tourmaline

Ethical sourcing

We only work with diamond producers who comply with the Kimberley Process for ethical sourcing.

Currently, there is no such standard for colored stones; however, our partners are selected on the basis of their reputations and must ensure that their products are as ethical as possible.

We have also decided not to buy back precious metals and to use recycled gold and platinum with purity levels of 75 to 100% to affirm our commitments with regard to environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

An object for life

Gemmyo prides itself on creating objects that will last for one or more lifetimes.

Unlike other industries (such as fashion and technology), in which material waste has become a burning social issue, jewelry is a symbol of giving, of a meaningful object that can be passed down indefinitely.

In fact, we work in one of the very few sectors that have already been recycling for centuries: you don't throw away the materials that make up a jewel...they're too valuable! Silver, gold, platinum, gemstones...everything is carefully recovered, re-polished, and refined.

Ring Paris 1901 in workshop

Responsible manufacturing

The vast majority of our jewelry is made to order, thereby eliminating the need for stock and its inevitable impact on the final retail price, and further reducing the company's ecological footprint.