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Straps and bracelets

Straps and bracelets

Whether steel or natural leather, all of our straps were created to enhance the case of our Prima watch. Meticulously imagined, they reflect our Maisons perfectionism.

Teal blue leather straps

Available in limited quantities, our Teal bracelets are designed in the highest quality grained leather. Teal blue, inspired by Teal sapphire, reveals all its elegance when combined with the softness of pink steel. Handcrafted in France, the Teal bracelet is available in single or double turn versions.

natural leather straps

Our natural leather straps exist in a simple version or double tour version. Manufactured in France from “full grain” leather, they are meticulously prepared and assembled thanks to artisanal know-how. Mostly untreated, this particularly flexible and resistant skin will develop a patina overtime and reveal its character.

steel bracelets

Our Steel bracelets exist in two versions: Steel and Rose steel. We have chosen a particularly resistant high quality stainless steel to conserve their shine overtime.

Interchangeable straps

The Prima watch straps were made to be interchangeable and adapt to any occasion. Thanks to an ingenious sliding system, the change can be made anywhere and without tools. This service is also offered free of charge in all of our boutiques.

The Gemmyo straps and bracelets

Thought through to the smallest detail, our women's watch straps combine elegance, resistance and absolute comfort.

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