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Charif Debs and Pauline Laigneau

“ Gemmyo is a story of boldness.

When Charif asked me to marry him, we decided to choose my engagement ring together in Paris where we both lived.

Unfortunately, this moment was a disappointment:
the Parisian jewelers we visited offered a cold, intimidating or even obsolete experience. We didn't recognise ourselves. Neither in the brands’ voices nor in the products’ prices.

We dreamt of a refined jeweller, proud of its French manufacturing, its rare and unusual stones, but without sacrificing fair prices or an honest and smiling approach.

An unashamedly modern Maison.

Such a Maison did not yet exist.
We undertook its creation. ” Pauline signature


Gemmyo is one of the few emerging jewelry Maisons born in the 21st century, and stands out for the fact - unique in this industry - that the founders had no family ties to the trade, bringing a fresh perspective to its traditions.


The name Gemmyo first refers to the world of gems and their shimmering colors. To this semantic origin is added a flavorful story: Gemmyo - or Genmei 元明天皇 - is the name of an 8th-century Japanese empress, renowned for her modernity and pioneering spirit

The name Gemmyo reflects the founders' fascination with gemstones - too often reserved for fine jewelry - and their desire to bring boldness to the world of jewelry.

RetroMilano colletion


Gemmyo's ambition is to offer a new vision of luxury anchored in its time, and a bold, modern alternative to the Place Vendôme brands.

100% French craftsmanship, a rarity even among the best-known jewelry brands.

The possibility of choosing a stone from a broad palette usually reserved for haute joaillerie.

A warm, personalized customer experience that counters traditional luxury codes.

An innovative business model, based on just-in-time manufacturing and exclusively in-house distribution, combining top-quality products, a reasonable ecological footprint and fair prices.

Ring Mad Marguerite and stone chaos


The Maison explores a wide range of creative styles, from engagement rings to unisex models or one-of-a-kind haute joaillerie sets.

From revisited classics to more audacious designs, the Maison's creations are characterized by their modernity, while respecting French jewelry expertise and Swiss watchmaking technique.

Ring Paris 1901 in workshop

Peer recognition

Gemmyo is the only young jewelry brand to have been invited to join the UFBJOP (the French association for the jewelry, gold- and silversmithing, stone, and pearl industries), the absolute reference in France and the world of jewelry.



The founders get engaged and create Gemmyo


Advertising campaign in Paris,
highlighted by a pink cat


First store in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés
neighborhood in Paris


Stores open in Lyon, Toulouse, and
the 17th arrondissement of Paris


First store opens outside of France, in Brussels


With openings in Geneva, Aix-en-Provence, and Bordeaux,
the brand has 8 stores and unveils its first timepiece


Opening of "La Résidence" Gemmyo at Tokyo's Okura Hotel

Visuel Siège Gemmyo

Nestled in a verdant setting in the heart of Paris's 5th arrondissement, the private mansion that houses the
Maison's head office has the aroma of the fine residences of the last century.

Umba sapphire is coming to Lyon!

Umba sapphire is coming to Lyon!

From July 18th to 24th, come admire its reflections in-store and choose the one that will adorn your chosen Gemmyo creation.