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Logo Lady

A simple yes, and everything is transformed.

The Lady collection is a tribute to the girl who becomes a woman. The one who chooses to commit her love to someone. The one who feels the pride of giving her whole heart. Jewelry that shines with the grace of a diamond sparkle. 

Bague Lady 1.2 ct

Lady Ring 1.2 ct

A solitaire ring adorned with an exceptional diamond, the Lady 1.2 ct is the masterpiece
of this collection. A breathtaking creation, refined in every detail,
leaving no room for guesswork.

Bague Lady 1,2 ct Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 11 650 €

Lady Ring pavée 1 ct

Bague Lady pavée Or rose Diamant

Rose gold, Diamond - 8 855 €

Bague Lady 1ct pavée portée

Lady Ring 1 ct

The symbol of the solitaire.

Bague Lady 1 ct pavée Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 8 200 €

Bague Lady 1ct portée
Accumulation bagues Lady portées

Diamond sizes

The setting of the Lady model is a slender and elegant ring topped by a robust claw setting making this model a timeless solitaire that lets its stone float above the finger. It is available in various different stone sizes to suit all women.

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For more advice on how to choose an engagement ring, follow our guide.

Little Lady Duo Ring

“ The Little Lady Duo ring is for me a reference for women
who hesitate between classicism and originality. With its setting
with two 3 mm diamonds, this jewel highlights
the centre stone to the maximum... while giving
the whole piece of jewelry a real character.. ”

Boutique Manager

Bague Little Lady Duo Or rose Diamant

Rose gold, Diamond - 3 935 €


Lady Duo Ring

Bague Lady Duo Or blanc Saphir

White gold, Sapphire - 3 645 €

Bague Lady Duo

Lady ring pavée 0,8 ct

Bague Lady pavée Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 5 815 €

Bague Lady Pavée 0.8ct portée

Our wedding bands

Alliance Lady Jonc et Lady Jonc pavée

The wedding band is a precious metal jewel, often paved with diamonds. Its pure and circular shape evokes the eternal union between two people who love each other.

At Gemmyo, each of our wedding bands and engagement rings are
designed to fit together, as if glued together.

Bagues Lady et Lady jonc pavée Or blanc Diamant
Alliance et Bague de Fiançailles Lady

The Lady Jonc and Lady Jonc pavée wedding bands
have been designed to perfectly match the engagement rings
from the Lady collection. The bevel of the wedding band gives rise to
a slight hollow in which the centre stone
of your ring can fit into, leaving
no room for approximation.

discover lady jonc pavée

Little Lady pavée Ring

Bague Lady pavée Or rose Emeraude

Rose gold, Emerald - 2 310 €

Bague Little Lady pavée

  I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always knew what kind of woman I wanted to be 

Diane Von Fürstenberg

Little Lady Ring 0.4 ct

Bague Little Lady 0.4ct Or rose Diamant

Rose gold, Diamond - 2 555 €

Bague Little Lady 0.4ct

Little Lady Ring 0.5 ct

Bague Little Lady 0.5ct Or rose Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 2 835 €

Bague Little Lady 0.5ct

Baby Lady Ring

With a 4 mm stone, the Baby Lady is the embodiment
of refinement. This delicate solitaire
radiates with its delicate cut.

Bague Baby Lady Or rose Rubis

Rose gold, Ruby - 1 100 €


Baby Lady Ring 0,3 ct

The discreet solitaire.

Bague Baby Lady Or rose Diamant

Rose gold, Diamond - 1 675 €

Bague Baby Lady 0.3 ct
Focus 3 diamants

The four C's

To determine the quality of a diamond, the experts check 4 universal criteria called the "4C" for "Carat, Color, Cut & Clarity".

  • Carat: this is the unit of measurement of the weight of the stone, one carat is equal to 0.20 grams.
  • Color: The closer a diamond is to pure white, the better its quality. Experts use a scale from D (colourless) to Z (yellow shade).
  • Cut: The faceting of a diamond which allows to reveal its brilliance.
  • Clarity: The size, colour and position of inclusions in the stone. For a natural stone, an inclusion is inevitable. A diamond of perfect quality is qualified IF (no visible inclusion with the magnifying glass x10) then the inclusions become visible (with the magnifying glass x10 then with the naked eye).
Bague Lady et diamants

Our requirements

All our diamonds are selected by our gemmologist, and sorted one by one, in the DIF, GVS or HSI qualities of your choice. The Gemmyo difference? To guarantee you the best brilliance, by choosing only “Very Good” and “Excellent” diamond "cuts" according to the international HRD or GIA certification.

Lady Ring 0,8 ct

Bague Lady Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 5 135 €

Bague Lady portée

Milady ring 0.25 ct

The perfect pavé solitaire.

With a 4 mm centre stone, a ring paved with 20 diamonds,
this solitaire is an elegant, delicate, and light on the finger.
It can be worn on its own or combined perfectly
with a Lady Jonc pavée wedding band.

Bague Milady Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 1 705 €


Milady ring 0,3 ct

Bague Milady 0,3 ct Or blanc Diamant

White gold, Diamond - 2 380 €

Bague Milady portée

Our Know-how and Expertise

Atelier Lady

Each Gemmyo jewel is crafted in France with the greatest care: from the casting of the precious metal, to the choice of stones, to their setting and final polishing.

Our workshops have been working in an artisanal manner for generations for the greatest names in jewellery. We add our modern touch to their excellence to keep our promise: to be young, but a jeweller!

At Gemmyo, quality control is very important. Each piece is systematically checked twice, once by the workshop that made it, and again by our team of specialists just
being placed in a jewellery box. The guarantee of a piece of jewelry that reaches you, absolutely perfect.

Lady Trio Ring

Bague Lady Trio Or blanc Saphir

White gold, Sapphire - 1 540 €

Bague Lady Trio portée

Mini Lady Ring

Bague Mini Lady Or rose Diamant

Rose gold, Diamond - 725 €

Bague Mini Lady portée
Gouache Lady

The Inspiration

“ Of all our collections, Lady is certainly the one that most reflects the Gemmyo spirit for me.

I didn't want to just imagine a series of classic solitaires. Behind the apparent simplicity, every detail of this collection is well thought out: I wanted every woman to be able to recognize herself, in her own way, in our Lady.. ”


Creative Director


The Story

“ We all remember the first time we wore our engagement ring. It is a very special moment. Wearing this jewel is a proof of love of course, but also the witness of a new stage of life. A transformation from a girl to a woman.

When looking down on her engagement ring, every woman feels the same emotion: pride. Pride in remembering where you came from, what you have achieved: everything that has made you the woman you are today. ”

Pauline Laigneau


An unexpected experience

An unexpected experience

This weekend, don't miss our pop-up event to travel around the Umba sapphire.
Discover this exclusive gem and enjoy workshops and our open-air terrace next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The pop-up will be open on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Admission is free !