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How to choose wedding bands

The choice of wedding bands is a very important and symbolic moment in wedding preparation. The wedding band is a symbol of your marriage; the only piece of jewelry that you will wear your whole life without ever taking it off…or almost never.

So, how to choose such an important piece of jewelry? How can I make the right choice as a man who never wears a ring? Do our two wedding bands have to be identical? Does a wedding band have to be a metal band or can it have gemstones?

These are questions that many couples ask themselves when choosing the most important piece of jewelry in their lives... So, with our guide on how to choose an engagement ring, we wanted to help you in this next big step!

Why are we confident that we can help you?

For more than 10 years, we have been helping thousands of couples choose this very special piece of jewelry. Over time, our teams have developed a real expertise in guiding our customers towards the perfect choice. This expertise is presented to you in full here in the form of a guide to help you make that all important decision.

Mathurins Rose Gold  Ring

The basics

Let’s begin with the key points:

——   What is a wedding band?

A “wedding ring”, or, in America, a “wedding band”, is made of precious metal and symbolises the union between two people.

Rings are usually exchanged at a wedding ceremony, after consent has been given, to tie the knot.

Historically, this symbol has been traced back to ancient Egypt when rings made of braided reeds were exchanged between the bride and groom. The Egyptians saw the circle as a symbol of eternity and therefore invented the perfect ritual of wearing wedding bands to mark a love that lasts a lifetime…and more.

It was the Egyptians who began the tradition of wearing this ring on the left ring finger because they believed that a vein on this finger was directly connected to the heart... a legend that was later revived, as we shall see.

Originally, the wedding band was a very simple ring, made of reed, ivory or wood. It was only much later that it became an accessory made of precious metal, thus becoming more modern over the centuries. However, it has kept its primary and essential characteristic: the circle shape, a symbol of infinity. Today, there are wedding bands of all types: simple gold bands, rings paved with diamonds or coloured gemstones, and even more creative rings…

——   On which finger should a wedding band be worn?

For those who don’t want to bother with explanations, let’s get straight to the point: in England and the US, a wedding band is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

For the more curious among you, here is what history teaches us about this:

Firstly, why the ring finger? Well, there are a number of theories: some say that the ring finger is the least used finger on the hand, and so you are less likely to damage your ring by wearing it on this finger. Another legend is that of the Egyptians who believed that a vein connected the ring finger to the heart, called the Vena Amoris (literally “Vein of Love”) and so they chose for the wedding band to be worn on this particular finger to tie the knot. In Chinese culture, each finger was symbolically associated with each family member, and the ring finger was the symbol of the life partner. Thus, it is clear that in most cultures, the ring finger has always been the finger on which a wedding band is worn.

However, things are a little complicated as wearing your wedding band on your right or left hand is a much less universal rule. In Mexico, Poland, Greece and Germany, for example, wedding bands are traditionally worn on the right hand. By contrast, in the UK, America, France, and most Nordic countries, the wedding band is mostly worn on the left hand.

——   Should you wear your wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger?

Traditionally, the wedding band is worn next to the engagement ring, on the left ring finger. More precisely, it is often said that the wedding band should be put on first, closest to the heart, and that the engagement ring should be put on after it, as an additional ornament on top of the wedding band. While this rule is mostly respected, it’s not necessary to adhere to it precisely.

Sometimes two rings cannot technically be worn together. This is often the case for engagement rings with a large gemstone. In this case, the setting does not allow for a harmonious combination of the two rings, without any space between them. In this case, a simple and elegant solution is to wear the engagement ring on the right hand alone, without the wedding band. Many clients choose this, favouring creative engagement rings over a perfect harmony between engagement ring and wedding band. Others don't mind a little divergence between the two... in which case they can wear the wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger!

At Gemmyo, we have been working for many years to offer you engagement ring and wedding band designs that combine perfectly. In fact, 85% of our customers tell us that a real selling point for them is the fact that these two pieces of jewelry are coordinated, as if they are almost glued together.

 If you are unsure about this question, our team is at your disposal in boutique or via our customer service to guide you. And don't worry: our consultants will help you find the "perfect match"!

——    What is behind this symbol?

The wedding band is the ultimate symbolic object. More than just a piece of jewelry, a wedding band conveys a pact that can unite two people, two clans, two families or even two countries. The wedding band therefore provides a status: it is a sign that one person is bound to another.

This symbolism is a legacy of our common past. A symbolism universally shared by all countries of the world and all religions.

Rétromantique Coussin Pavée White Gold Aquamarine Ring

Our 8-step method

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing your wedding band. To do this, our team has devised an 8-step process to help you determine your perfect wedding bands.

——    1. How far in advance should you order your wedding bands?

First of all, there is the question of timing: how far in advance of your wedding should you start your search for wedding bands?

As we all know, planning a wedding is often a stressful and time-consuming process. There's no need to add the risk of not receiving your wedding bands in time for the big day, is there?

Therefore, it is generally recommended to order your wedding bands at least 3 months before the big day. This will give you time to resize your rings if necessary, but also to avoid any stress in case of an unfortunate delay.

——    2. Should you and your partner have identical wedding bands?

The second question we recommend you ask yourself is: Do our two wedding bands have to be identical? The answer you give to this question is fundamental because it will affect the rest of your choices... you need to know before beginning your search!

 In short: the answer is no

We often get this question when we advise a couple and let's be clear: you are obviously free to choose two completely different wedding band designs. Remember that a wedding band is a piece of jewelry that you will wear on a daily basis for many years, so it's important to choose a design and metal that really suits you, so that you feel comfortable wearing your ring for life.

That said, it is of course possible and more touching to choose two rings that match, as a further reminder of your union and compatibility. Most jewellers offer both male and female versions of their wedding bands to ensure this option.

This is the case at Gemmyo, for example, with wedding bands such as the Gaillon for men and its female counterpart the St-Germain wedding band. This is also the case with more creative designs such as the Ariane Pavée for ladies and the Thésée model for men.

——    3. Should I choose a stone wedding band or an all-metal one?

The third step of our method consists in asking yourself if you want gemstones or not on your ring... and here, be careful, you must obviously think differently if you are a man or a woman!

We will start by dealing with the case of diamond wedding bands, which represent 95% of all wedding bands with stones, then we will discuss the particular case of coloured stones. Finally, we will talk about all-metal jewelry.

a. for women

What woman does not dream of a diamond ring? However, not all women want their wedding bands to be set with stones.

Diamond wedding bands come in a variety of shapes and sizes: a full circle, a three-quarter circle, or a half circle of paving, and sometimes even a few diamonds scattered around... the possibilities are endless.

 Good to know: full circle or not?

You will certainly notice that many jewelled wedding bands are not fully paved. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, for reasons of comfort and safety: the part of the jewelry that is on the inside of the hand is the most likely to be damaged because it is subject to a lot of friction.

The second reason is the price: a fully paved ring naturally takes longer to make and the number of stones is greater!

Finally, this metal insert alone will give you the possibility to adjust the size in case of pregnancy, weight gain or loss. Gemmyo jewelry is designed to last a lifetime: we think of everything. 

Whether you want to wear your wedding band on its own or with your engagement ring, a pavé wedding band is an ideal choice if you want to look good. It is much brighter and less discreet than a non-pavé wedding band. Let’s consider the other advantages and disadvantages.

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One advantage and two disadvantages

The main advantage of a pavé wedding band is simply that it is a magnificent piece of jewelry. Our diamond wedding band will be shiny, elegant and refined. The statistics are clear: at Gemmyo, 57% of our customers choose diamond wedding bands.

There are two main disadvantages to pavé rings: firstly, the price, which is naturally higher than that of a classic, all-metal wedding band. The other disadvantage is that it requires a lot more care: definitely avoid sleeping or playing sports with it on for example! So, if you don't want to worry too much about your wedding band, we advise you to opt for an all-metal wedding band, which will be the safer option!

Read more about our care tips

Our advice for your engagement ring

There are no hard and fast rules for matching diamond wedding bands to engagement rings. However, here are a few recommendations we give our customers... and which have proved a success for them!

  • If your engagement ring doesn't have a gemstone, we recommend a diamond-set wedding band to give more shine to the pairing and also to allow you to better distinguish your two pieces of jewelry.
  • If you want to wear your wedding band on its own, for example on your right hand and your engagement ring on your left hand, a pavé wedding band is ideal to avoid looking too plain.
  • On the other hand, an engagement ring that is already very busy may not need a pave wedding band!

What about coloured stones?

It is extremely rare to put coloured stones on a wedding band: the colour of a stone mostly comes from its depth and therefore its size. If it is too small, it will lose its shine and intensity.

Some wedding bands can be set with sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but it must be said that this isn’t very common.

At Gemmyo, we work to measure to allow you to create your ring and make it unique, to make it your design. This is all the more important for a wedding band - one of the most important pieces of jewelry in your life - it represents you and your relationship!


 If the idea of a ring with a coloured stone interests you, contact our customer service, we can cater to your needs

b. For men

Yes, you can have a stone wedding band if you are a man, there is no shame in that, on the contrary - it is becoming more and more common! At Gemmyo, this even comprises 8% of our customers' purchases.

Diamond, sapphire or black spinel are stones that work very well for a man's ring, if that is what you’re looking for, don't hesitate to ask :)


c. I want a classic all-metal wedding band

If you want a simple, understated wedding band, this is the category for you.

More classic wedding band models are those without gemstones, made of metal only. This category is often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wedding band: a minimalist and timeless piece of jewelry.

A wedding band is worn all the time without being removed or only occasionally: we therefore often prefer a piece of jewelry that is not too complex and that we will not get tired of over time.

Classic wedding bands are generally unisex designs and can therefore be worn by both men and women for those who wish to have matching rings.

These types of wedding bands are traditional designs that have not changed for hundreds of years. These are our parents’ wedding bands. The style we love for its old-fashioned but endearing look!

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a classic wedding band is that it is extremely sturdy. You will hardly feel it. You will forget about it. You can wear it while playing sports, dancing or sleeping. It is definitely the easiest piece of jewelry to wear every day.

The disadvantage (for women at least) of this type of wedding band is simply that it is less refined than a diamond ring. For some, it can be too classic, sometimes even too simple.

A tip: If this is the case but you are afraid that you are not meticulous enough to wear a jewelled ring, then we suggest you go for the best option: choose both! Some of our clients tell us that they choose the pavé wedding band for their everyday life, but also want to own a classic wedding band for holidays or times when they would feel less comfortable with a diamond jewel.

For men, it's a different story: more than 90% of men choose all-metal jewelry. So if you are hesitating, consider the statistics :)

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——    4. Which ring shape should I choose?

Now that you have decided whether you want to have a ring with or without a stone, you will have to decide which ring shape will suit you best.

We often hear about a full band, a half-band, a ribbon... To make things clearer, let's start by clarifying the meaning of these terms and their characteristics.

Refer to our frequently asked questions for a more complete answer about the width of the ring.

Classic wedding bands, without stones

a. The half-band

St-Germain 2 mm Rose Gold  Ring
  • As its name suggests, the half-band is shaped like a round gold wire that has been cut in half.
  • The inside of it is flat, which gives maximum comfort. The slightly curved exterior means that it is less likely to scratch than a flat ring such as the ribbon type.
  • The half-band is generally available in several widths to suit all hands and is available in both women's and men's versions for a perfect pairing.
  • The interior outer edge of Gemmyo half-bands is polished to ensure maximum comfort.

At Gemmyo, this model is called St Germain for women and Gaillon for men.

Our advice to you gentlemen: If you are a bit lost or if you want to make a simple choice, this type of jewelry is made for you!

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b. The ribbon

Rivoli 2 mm Rose Gold  Ring
  • This type of wedding band has a flat interior and exterior for a more modern and contemporary design than the half-band.
  • It is also a very comfortable type of wedding band.
  • However, it should be noted that the ribbon shape is slightly more prone to scratching than the half-band ring. Its flat surface means it sometimes gets small bumps or snags in everyday life, and these resulting scratches are a little more visible than on a half-band ring.
  • The ribbon is also generally available in several widths to suit all hands and is available in both women's and men's versions for a perfect pair.
  • As with our half-bands, the inner outer edge of Gemmyo ribbons is polished to ensure maximum comfort.

At Gemmyo, this model is called Rivoli for women and Arsenal (for the polished finish) or St Honoré (for the brushed finish) for men.

Our advice to you gentlemen: If you aren’t particularly interested in the half-band model, this category is made for you. More modern models are still simple and elegant!

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c. The bevelled wedding band

Lady Jonc Pavée White Gold Diamond Ring
  • The bevelled wedding band is designed to be a perfect match for a solitaire.In the centre of the design, the ring narrows to the point of becoming a single metal line.
  • This particular structure has the advantage of leaving room for the ‘panier’ of an engagement ring (the part of the jewelry that holds the centre stone and often prevents the wedding band from sticking against the engagement ring). So, with a bevelled wedding band, your wedding band will fit with the design of your engagement ring perfectly.
  • The downside? None, except that you have to be someone who appreciates this slightly original design!

At Gemmyo, this model is called Lady Jonc or Lady Jonc Pavée.

d. The creative wedding band

Creative, or fancy, wedding bands are intended to be worn alone. They are larger, usually jewelled, with centre stones, and allow you to have a piece of wedding band jewelry without having to worry about how to match it with your engagement ring.

This type of jewelry is adopted by those who want a more original wedding band rather than the traditional models.

  • There here are other types of wedding bands possible and that is the magic of jewelry!Although certainly less classic they can bring a nice touch of originality to a ring set.
  • The Ariane Love or Thésée Love wedding bands from Gemmyo, for example, take up this idea: the inside is flat like a half-ring for maximum comfort, but the outside is made up of a ridge in the centre that separates two sides for maximum shine and a display of modernity and originality.
  • The Ariane Pavée wedding band is a diamond ring made up of two joined metal rods. Even if this jewelry does not have a classic wedding band design, it is often appreciated by couples who prefer to think outside the box when it comes to jewelry!

Our advice to you gentlemen: for decades, half-band wedding bands have been common among men, but the tradition is being shaken up and more and more customers are turning to more original wedding bands such as our Thésée or Thésée Love. If the idea of a touch of originality tempts you, do not hesitate :)

——    5. Choosing the metal of your wedding band

Now that you've decided what type of ring you're going to wear, it's time to decide on the metal that will adorn your jewel... here are a few guidelines to help you make your choice.

The same metal for both partners?

First big question: should you choose the same metal for both rings?

There is a reality here that you should not forget: even if you are made for each other,it does not necessarily mean that you like the same colours :)

All jokes aside, we advise you once again to listen to each other’s preferences without necessarily following a strict rule.

Even if choosing a wedding band is often a choice made by both of you, it is a piece of jewelry that you will wear yourself, so be comfortable with the colour of the metal so that you don't get bored or regret it in a few years. If your wife has a white gold jewelry but you only like coloured metals, that's fine! Don't worry, no one will hold it against you... not even her!

Our advice to you gentlemen: If you have trouble deciding, we advise you to choose yellow gold or platinum, which are the two most popular metals for a man's wedding band.

Should the wedding band and the engagement ring be made of the same metal?

If you don't feel compelled to match your engagement ring with your wedding band or don't particularly want to coordinate your choice with your life partner, here are some general principles to help you decide which metal is right for you.

MET M Rose Gold Diamond Ring

a. 18K White Gold

White gold is one of the most popular metals for wedding bands. At Gemmyo, it accounts for 39% of the cases.

Its white colour is easy to wear and goes with just about everything... 18K gold is the most resistant material used in jewelry, guaranteeing durability.

In the case of gold, whatever its version, we recommend that you pay attention to the karat (which corresponds to the purity of the gold) as there are many different types (9K, 14K and 18K...). For example, 9K gold is less expensive but also much less resistant than 18K gold. For your wedding band (a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life) we recommend that you choose 18K gold.

However, be aware that white gold has a tendency to brighten and become yellow over time as it is made from 18K gold and a thin layer of metal - white rhodium plating - which gives it its beautiful gray colour. Over time, this surface treatment erodes and needs to be reapplied to the jewel. Do not hesitate to ask a member of our team for a quote for this type of restoration, it is inexpensive and will give new life to your ring.

Learn more about the characteristics of white gold

b. Le Platinum

Platinum is the second most popular metal for wedding bands, particularly for men. It represents 18% of the requests at Gemmyo. This naturally white metal (unlike white gold) will retain its colour without burnishing over time. It is also the purest (95%) and rarest metal used in jewelry.

What better way to symbolise your love?

Our advice to you gentlemen: If you are used to wearing a steel or white metal watch, we recommend platinum, it is the perfect combination :)

Learn more about the characteristics of platinum

c. 18K Rose gold

Rose gold is becoming more and more fashionable for wedding bands... even for men! It represents 21% of Gemmyo's wedding band purchases in general, 25% of which are made by women and 18% by men.

Softer and more modern than traditional yellow gold, rose gold is becoming more and more common and often surprises our customers,many of whom eventually decide on it!

One of the great characteristics of 18K rose gold is that it will never lose its colour over time.

Read more about the characteristics of rose gold

d. 18K Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the metal most used in jewelry since... well since ever :). At Gemmyo, it is chosen in 14% of cases for a wedding band and in particular for you gentlemen who prefer it at 17%.

The natural colour of gold, this metal has been used since the dawn of time to symbolise the precious, from pharaohs to kings.

Its incredible resistance to time and corrosion make it one of the preferred choices for a wedding band, even if it is now starting to give way to rose gold, white gold or platinum, more modern metals.

This metal will give a slightly classic colouring to your all-metal wedding band…celebrating tradition! And like rose gold, its colour remains intact over time.

Our advice to you gentlemen : Yellow gold is a safe bet! If you find it difficult to choose a metal, and you would like a hint of classicism, this is your answer ;)

Learn more about the characteristics of yellow gold

e. 18K Black gold

Black gold is another version of white gold: it is the same metal, but instead of using the surface treatment known as white rhodium plating, black rhodium plating is used.

Black gold is chosen in 4% of cases at Gemmyo. Almost exclusively for men.

It is a high quality metal, since it is always 18K gold, but it must be said that black gold ages less well than other metals. The thin film of black rhodium plating on the surface of the gold tends to disappear over time, leaving traces of wear.

Although rhodium plating (and therefore the refurbishing) of the jewelry is quite possible (and even offered at Gemmyo), to own a black-gold ring, one must be meticulous.

Our advice : We advise you to avoid black gold for your wedding band. This metal requires a lot of care and attention, which is not ideal for a piece of jewelry that is intended to be worn every day. Reserve it for a piece of jewelry that you will wear less frequently.

Learn more about the characteristics of black gold

f. Sterling silver

Silver is appreciated for its white colour and its affordable price, but it should be noted that it is less resistant to wear than gold or platinum. With time, contact with water, creams, or simply the skin, silver darkens and develops a patina. This is why very few Gemmyo customers (only 4%) choose silver for their wedding bands.

Silver is therefore not recommended for a wedding band, which will be worn on a daily basis.

If you are used to wearing silver, you know that it tends to darken in contact with humidity and is more prone to scratches and deformation than gold for example. In this case, consider white gold!

Our advice : Avoid silver for your wedding band and instead choose white gold or platinum, even if it costs more!

Learn more about the characteristics of silver

——    6. The choice of engraving

You've come to the end of this journey, I promise :) Now that you have chosen almost all of the elements that will make up your wedding band, what’s left is choosing whether you wish to add an even more personal touch: an engraving.


a. To engrave your wedding band... or not?

For reference, 88% of couples who order their wedding bands from Gemmyo choose to have their jewelry engraved.

Why do they do this? Quite simply because engraving brings both character and tradition to a piece of jewelry.

Traditionally, wedding bands are engraved with the first names of both spouses and the date of the wedding. The etiquette for engraving is to first put the two names in full, separated by the ampersand sign, followed by a hyphen and then the date, also in full. To be clearer, here is an example:

Claire & Hugo - 18 March 2020

It is traditionally said that the engraving must be adapted for the man and the woman: the name of the future wife first on the wedding band of the man and the name of the future husband first on the wedding band of the woman.

Thus we would have for him: Claire & Hugo - 18 March 2020
And for her: Hugo & Claire - 18 March 2020

This tradition is often respected, but nowadays we notice that our customers regularly choose much more creative engravings: a personal message, a place in your history, a quote that reminds you of your relationship... everything is allowed!

The second reason, apart from tradition, why we recommend that our customers engrave their jewelry is that it gives them even more character.

As an example, here are some engravings requested by our customers for a wedding:

  • "Forever..." and on the other wedding band "...and forever"
  • "Beyond the sea to you"
  • or the cryptic "Are you bald?"... probably referring to a shared joke of our two lovers!

b. Which models can be engraved?

The majority of wedding band models can be engraved.

Essentially, at Gemmyo, if engraving is not available for a particular wedding band, it is only because it is not technically feasible, for example, on certain openwork or thin jewelry.

c. What can be engraved?

Depending on the space available, our workshops can engrave up to 35 characters on your wedding band. Sometimes, however, as the space available is limited, we have to limit ourselves to very few characters: in this case, it is better to choose initials or a symbol, for example.

Moreover, it is possible to engrave a wide variety of characters! Most workshops - and this is the case at Gemmyo - can engrave characters such as squares, infinity symbols, circles or hearts. However it is difficult to engrave complex designs that would require heraldic engraving skills.

As far as strength is concerned, don't worry: engraving has no impact on the strength of your ring. Whatever the technique used, an engraving remains superficial and does not damage the structure of the jewelry :)

There are two main categories of typography: straight letters and English letters.

Example of a typeface in English letters:

Gravure Lettres Anglaises

English letters are wonderfully elegant and often favoured on wedding bands. Be aware, however, that English capital letters or numbers are less legible. If you are having your first names and wedding date engraved, then it is best to write the date in full letters.

Example of typography in straight letters:

C & H - 18.03.2020

Straight letters are perhaps slightly less sophisticated than English letters but are of course the most legible. They are strongly recommended for initials in upper case as in the example above.

d. Is resizing or exchange possible even with engraving?

At Gemmyo, resizing, exchange or return is possible even with engraved jewelry..

However, it is important to know that engraving is an important element of personalisation; therefore, many jewellers do not accept returns or resizes on jewelry that has already been engraved... be careful to keep this in mind!

Our advice is therefore to check beforehand that the exchange or resizing is possible for a particular engraved ring.

——    7. The quality of your jewel

You have chosen the style, the metal and the engraving of your wedding band, you are almost there!

All that’s left now is to make sure that your jewelry is of the quality required to be worn for many years.

a. Main points to keep in mind

Before we get into this topic and give you our tips for determining the quality of your ring, let's go over a few principles:

Firstly, while a piece of jewelry is an object that should last a lifetime, it is also a precious object that requires maintenance. In the same way that full grain aniline leather shoes (the best possible quality, for the connoisseurs) need to be pampered to avoid damage, a metal and precious stone ring deserves all your care to keep its shine as it was on the day you bought it. Do not hesitate to consult our advice on how to look after your jewelry.

Secondly, we are used to hearing ‘facts’ that are actually false! Let’s debunk some of these rumours.

  • Diamonds are unbreakable. This is not true. Diamonds are the hardest stone there is, so they are cratch-proof (by something other than a diamond). However, a diamond can break. If the stone receives a bad or intense shock, it can crack. So be careful to really look after your diamond!

  • Gold is eternal. Yes and no. 18K gold is the hardest material used in jewelry, but it is still a precious metal that is subject to the wear and tear of daily life. It scratches and develops a patina, especially when in contact with other metals, or twisting it. This can happen inadvertently, for example when carrying a heavy shopping bag, and although gold is a very strong metal, it can twist and the gemstone can fall off.

  • Platinum is the hardest of all metals. No! latinum is a particularly beautiful and precious metal, but it has the disadvantage of being a little more malleable than 18K gold. It is true that it does not oxidise, it is very pure (95%, compared to 75% for 18K gold), never changes colour and is known to be hypoallergenic, but it can become misshapen if under pressure or scratched! To find out more about platinum, follow our guide.

Now that you've avoided these traps, let's get down to business and talk about the quality of your jewelry!

b. Choosing French manufacturing

One of the basics of ensuring the quality of finish of your jewelry is to understand how it was made. Here, our aim is not to dumb down or devalue the quality of our fellow jewellers, but realistically, although of course some Chinese, Thai or Indian products are of excellent quality, this is not always the case. Choosing a piece of jewelry that is not made in France does not necessarily mean that it is of high quality..

A Made in France is nowadays a real guarantee of quality. Indeed, at present, few brands - yes, even the historic, well-renowned jewelry Maisons- choose Made in France because of its cost. The number of French jewelry workshops has diminished greatly over the last 20 years: only the most precise and expert ones have survived the relocation to Asia. In fact, when it comes to jewelry, choosing Made in France is a real guarantee of a quality finish.


c. Making sure your jewelry is really Made in France

There is a simple way to know if your jewelry is really made in France: the diamond-shaped stamp affixed to your piece.

This certifies that a particular workshop has made your jewel. It is unique for each workshop. A French workshop will always have a diamond-shaped hallmark.

In short, if your jewelry has one or two small marks on the back, check their shape: a diamond shape means that it is made in France. An oval or square shape means that it is imported!


Our advice for choosing wedding bands is therefore simple: if quality is an important criterion for you, then opt for wedding bands made of 18K gold or platinum and favour those made in France!

——    8. The choice of budget

To come to the end of this guide, it's time to talk about the budget, the last step in making your decision about the wedding bands that will accompany you for the rest of your life...

How much should you spend on your wedding bands? Should you spend more for the lady than for the gentleman? Are there any rules to follow when choosing an engagement ring ?

This answer should please you: there are no strict rules in this matter. Yes, anything goes! Each couple will adapt their purchase to their needs and desires at the time. If for example your engagement ring is fine and delicate, why not treat yourself to a beautiful jewelled wedding band for the lady? On the other hand, if you already know that you want to wear an all-metal piece of jewelry that is as discreet as possible, so be it! That's fine, and the budget saved can be put towards other elements of your wedding planning.

To help guide you, here are the facts about buying two wedding bands:

  • At Gemmyo, the average price of an order of pairs of wedding bands is 1 650 €.
  • Admittedly, the average cost of a wedding band for Madam is higher, at 870 €...
  • ...and only 550 € for the gentleman!
  • This is an average of course, as a woman's wedding band, if it is a simple gold half-band, will cost at most 300 € whereas a diamond wedding band will quickly rise to around 1 200 €... or much more.

The price is obviously important, but let's not forget that these rings are not only intended to symbolise your love, but to last a lifetime.

MET M White Gold Diamond Ring

And one last tip...

We know that choosing your wedding bands is a stressful experience: you want to do the right thing, but you are afraid of making mistakes, and of regretting this lifelong piece of jewelry.

Most of our customers have gone through these waves of conflicting emotions, and all have ended up managing just fine! As a jeweller, we may not be able to tell you this, but the secret to choosing the right wedding bands is to do it together... and have a good time!

So, are you ready to take the plunge?


——    "Which wedding band should you choose when you have a family engagement ring?"

This is a question without a really obvious answer as it will of course depend on the precise structure of your jewelry. There are many different types of engagement rings and the older, often quite tall and wide, designs (for example with a large centre stone, or an elongated design running parallel to the finger) are not usually designed to go with a wedding band.

There are two options: first, wear your wedding band and engagement ring on your right and left hands respectively. This is the most common solution in this case. Alternatively, opt for a curved wedding band that could fit the design of your engagement ring. This solution will really depend on the style of your ring and therefore requires you to come to the boutique for a short fitting!

——    "Can you wear a wedding band of one metal and an engagement ring of another metal?

As you have understood by now, we always advise you to listen to yourself. You are totally free to make this choice even if it is not a common one.

As a jeweller, we advise you in most cases to choose the same metal for your engagement ring and your wedding band if you want to wear them side by side as this will mean both pieces of jewelry will evolve in the same way over time.

However, we are finding that more and more customers are choosing, for example, a white gold engagement ring and a rose gold wedding band. The combination of these two metals is particularly successful and makes the two pieces of jewelry even more distinctive when worn. Even if the majority of our wedding band orders are not quite as daring as this, stylistically it is very interesting and we only encourage you to go in this direction if it appeals to you!

Our advice : the mistake not to make is to mix platinum and white gold. Even if you think that these two metals are almost identical visually, they do not age in the same way. So whether it's for financial or aesthetic reasons, if you want two different metals on your wedding and engagement rings, our advice is to make a straightforward choice that really sets the two pieces apart!

——    "What are those two little marks on the back of my jewelry?

Have you noticed two small marks on the back of your wedding band? Don't worry, it's not a manufacturing error, quite the contrary! These two small marks, called hallmarks, are a guarantee of quality for your jewelry. Here are their specificities:

  • The hallmark of the workshop’s master (“le poinçon de Maître”) in the shape of a diamond is a legal and obligatory mark which proves that your jewelry has been handcrafted in France. Each workshop has its own hallmark.
  • The State hallmark is affixed to jewelry weighing more than 3 grams and has a specific shape for each quality of metal (an eagle's head for 18K gold, a dog's head for 950/1000 platinum and a minerva's head for 925/1000 sterling silver). This is a legal customs mark that indicates the quality of your metal and assures you that it is the one you have chosen.

At Gemmyo, the hallmarks are generally located on the outside of your jewelry so as not to deform the piece, as they are put on in the traditional way with a hammer.

——    "I hesitate between white gold and platinum: what should I choose?

Excellent question. It is important to understand that it is almost impossible to visually distinguish between 750/1000 white gold and platinum. The difference between these two metals is definitely their price, but above all their durability. Unlike gold, platinum is inherently white. Thus, it will always keep its wonderful white colour over time, whereas white gold will tend to develop a patina and yellow slightly over time.

Our advice to you ladies: choose the same metal as for your engagement ring!

Our advice to you gentlemen : if you can afford it, choose platinum instead, as it will require less maintenance than a white gold jewel.

——    "Do I need to worry about after-sales service right now?"

Yes, a piece of jewelry is a precious object, and it needs to be looked after to prevent it from being damaged. Choose a jeweller who can guarantee to repair your jewelry in time. An unfortunate accident happens easily. It is not a question of quality. Remember that this piece of jewelry will be worn every day, for years to come.

To make a rather simplistic comparison: imagine your ring as a beautiful car. Would you ever think of driving it every day without it ever needing a service? Probably not. The same goes for a piece of jewelry. So choose a company that offers a lifetime warranty against defects and hidden faults. This will give you peace of mind for the future.

Also accept that good maintenance can sometimes cost a little money, because behind the polishing, rhodium plating, or tightening of a gemstone which would have fallen, there is the work of the craftsmen who make it with care for you!

——    "How does an appointment in the boutique work?”

The choice of wedding bands is a moment that many people experience with at least a little apprehension: you might as well make it a nice experience for both of you and choose to come and try on your ring in the boutique!

Even if it is always possible to try on your jewelry remotely via a video appointment, we recommend that you come and try on your jewelry in person when choosing your wedding bands. It is not always easy to know which ring width will be the most proportionate to your finger size, or to understand if your future wedding band will fit well with the shape of your engagement ring.

So make an appointment with our friendly customer service team, walk through the door of one of our boutiques, sit back on one of our sofas and let the magic begin!

Our advice: come and visit us!

——    "Won't the wedding band ruin my engagement ring?”

Rest assured, no! Even though the two pieces of jewelry will be worn very close together, there is no risk of your wedding band damaging your engagement ring... with one exception:

If one of the rings is made of a metal considered more fragile (such as 925/1000 sterling silver for example), with time, you may see some scratches appear due to friction between the two pieces of jewelry. Rest assured, however, that this is quite normal and is part of the life of two pieces of jewelry worn together.

You can see why we do not recommend 925/1000 silver for a ring that will be worn every day for the rest of your life :)

——    "What width of wedding band should I choose?"

This is an important and very recurrent question from our customers.

To be specific, the average width of a wedding band for a woman is 2 mm and 3 mm for men.

A little aesthetic tip for you ladies: we advise you to choose a wedding band with the same width as your engagement ring if you wish to wear both rings together.

For you gentlemen, please note that the width you choose is closely related to the size of your hand and that it remains a very personal choice. If you have any doubts, the easiest solution is to try on the jewelry directly in the boutique to get the best advice! If you really don't want to come and see us in boutique, a tip is that with a 3 mm wide wedding band you can't go far wrong!

Our advice : Contact our customer service ;)