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Header Collection PrimaRosa : Chapitre II

Collection PrimaRosa : Chapitre II

Logo PrimaRosa chapitre II

At the first light of the day, an intense sun warms the fine sand.

As far as the eye can see, the dunes rise up around untamed nature.

The PrimaRosa is inspired by the beauty of a desert flower:
majestic yet delicate, like a precious rose woven with gold and diamonds.

Bague PrimaRosa Duo de roses

PrimaRosa Duo of Roses Ring

A jewel of the desert

The elegance of this creation lies in the balance
between the two motifs, like two roses
delicately placed on the finger.

Bague PrimaRosa Duo de roses

Rose gold, Diamond - 4 750 €

Illustration rose des sables


“ For this second chapter on the PrimaRosa motif,
I wanted bold volumes.

I imagined a more assertive, almost majestic floral motif.
The world of the desert was an obvious choice.
Dunes that seem to go on forever.
A deep feeling of freedom.
A woman who is both gentle and sculptural.

In the middle of this immensity, the PrimaRosa pattern takes the form
of a precious rose... like a jewel of the desert. ”

Marine Gironde-Vergnaud

Creative Director

PrimaRosa Alta earrings

An airy and luminous motif

Graceful curves combine with the expertise of our jewellers
to give life to this entirely paved creation.

Like a glittering desert rose, this motif becomes
a symbol of space and freedom.

Boucles PrimaRosa Alta

Rose gold, Diamond - 7 250 €


PrimaRosa Duo of Roses Bracelet

The perfect balance

The PrimaRosa Duo de Roses bracelet is the result
of meticulous craftsmanship.

With two motifs, as if in balance, this
bracelet wraps the wrist with
two precious roses.

Bracelet PrimaRosa Duo de roses

Rose gold, Diamond - 5 995 €

PrimaRosa Maillons Ring

A delicate rose

Held together by a delicate chain,
the PrimaRosa Maillons ring lightly sparkles.

Bague PrimaRosa Maillons

Rose gold - 315 €


 I have always loved the desert. You sit on a sand dune. You see nothing. You hear nothing. And yet something radiates in silence... 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Visuel PrimaRosa Désert

PrimaRosa Alta Pendant

A precious swirl

In the heart of the desert,
the graceful movements of the dancer
draw a swirling pattern. And then,
a precious rose comes to life, in the middle
of the desert's immensity.

Pendentif PrimaRosa Alta

Rose gold, Diamond - 4 275 €


PrimaRosa Multi-pattern Bracelet

Endless roses

The PrimaRosa Multi-pattern bracelet delicately places
five gold roses on the wrist.

Designed to accompany your movements,
this bracelet shines with its lightness.

Bracelet primarosa multi-motifs

Rose gold - 940 €

Bracelet primarosa pavé


Rose gold, Diamond - 1 845 €


PrimaRosa Pavé

Woven gold roses adorned with diamonds

The curves of the PrimaRosa Pavé bracelet and pendant
intertwine gracefully, brought out
by a paving of 26 diamonds.

Like a precious rose, the pattern
delicately captures the light of a sunrise,
in the middle of the desert.

Pendentif primarosa pavé


Rose gold, Diamond - 1 950 €


PrimaRosa long necklace

A waltz of roses

The warm colour of the PrimaRosa long necklace in gold blends with
the ochre colour of the dunes, celebrating the
raw beauty of the desert landscape.

Here, 9 meticulously crafted roses,
twirl as they move.

Sautoir PrimaRosa

Rose gold - 6 930 €


PrimaRosa Pavées Earrings

A floral and sparkling motif

A creation woven from gold and diamonds, the
PrimaRosa Pavées earrings celebrate grace and movement.

Like a desert rose, the curves recall
the graceful movements of a dancer.

Boucles d'oreilles PrimaRosa pavées

Rose gold, Diamond - 2 850 €


PrimaRosa Duo M Earrings

A duo of lightness

In the light of the first rays of the sun,
the rose-shaped woven gold reveals all its splendour.

Bague PrimaRosa Or rose tout metal

Rose gold, Diamond - 2 335 €


 Go into the desert, not to flee from life but to find it. 

Tuareg proverb

Visuel PrimaRosa Histoire

The Story

“ I am amazed by the poetry that emanates from these creations.
Once again, this collection demonstrates the exceptional know-how
of our workshops to shape and give life to this precious rose.

Carried by the desert, this motif becomes a symbol of freedom
and invites you to travel to the other side of the world. ”

Pauline Laigneau


Visuel PrimaRosa danseuse de dos